Battle of Lacolle (1838)

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Battle of Lacolle
Part of the Lower Canada Rebellion
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Present day Lacolle
Date November 7, 1838
Location Lacolle, Quebec
Result Loyalist victory
United Kingdom Lower Canada Patriotes
Commanders and leaders
John Scriver Ferdinand-Alphonse Oklowski
400 Loyalists 170 Patriotes
Casualties and losses
2 dead 8 dead

The Battle of Lacolle was fought on November 7, 1838 between Loyal Lower Canada volunteer forces under Major John Scriver and Patriote rebels under Colonel Ferdinand-Alphonse Oklowski. On November 6, on their way to Lacolle, the Patriote rebels had won a first skirmish, but they lost in the final confrontation the next day. The battle lasted half an hour.


Coordinates: 45°05′N 73°22′W / 45.083°N 73.367°W / 45.083; -73.367