Battle of Lade (201 BC)

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Battle of Lade (201)
Part of the Cretan War
Miletus Bay silting evolution map-en.svg
Location of Lade Island and Miletus at Maeander River's mouth.
Date201 BC
Lade off the shore of Miletus
Result Macedonian victory
Vergina Sun - Golden Larnax.pngMacedon Rhodes
Commanders and leaders
Vergina Sun - Golden Larnax.pngPhilip V of Macedon Cleonaeus of Rhodes

The Battle of Lade was fought between the navy of Rhodes and the navy of Macedon. The battle took place in 201 BC and it was part of the Cretan War. The battle was fought off the shore of Asia Minor and the island of Lade, near Miletus. The battle ended in a crushing victory for the Macedonians and it nearly spelled the end for the Rhodians but the result of this battle caused the Romans to intervene and Rhodes was saved.


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Coordinates: 37°31′49″N 27°16′42″E / 37.530233°N 27.278369°E / 37.530233; 27.278369