Battle of Loigny–Poupry

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Battle of Loigny–Poupry
Part of the Franco–Prussian War
Hugo von Kottwitz with the Lübecker Bataillon
Hugo von Kottwitz with the Lübecker Bataillon
Date2 December 1870
Result German victory
German Empire North German Confederation
France France
Commanders and leaders
German Empire Friedrich Franz II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin France Antoine Chanzy
35,000 45,000
Casualties and losses
4,139 6,000–7,000
3,500–4,500 killed or wounded
2,500 captured

The Battle of Loigny–Lumeau-Poupry was a battle of the Franco–Prussian War. It took place on 2 December 1870 during the Loire Campaign on a frontline between Loigny, Lumeau and Poupry.

After the Battle of Villepion, an army detachment (Armee-Abteilung) under the command of Friedrich Franz II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, engaged the French Army of the Loire and defeated them. The French force was led by General Antoine Chanzy (16th corps d'armée), supported in the afternoon by General Gaston de Sonis (17th corps d'armée).

The next day started the Second Battle of Orléans (1870).


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Coordinates: 48°07′26″N 1°44′02″E / 48.1239°N 1.7339°E / 48.1239; 1.7339