Battle of Luçon

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Battle of Luçon
Part of the War in the Vendée
Bataille de Luçon.jpg
19th century representation of the battle
Date14 August 1793
Vendée, France
Result French Republican victory
French Republic Royalists
Commanders and leaders
Augustin Tuncq Gigot d’Elbée
10,000 35,000,
17 cannons
Casualties and losses
ca 500 killed or wounded

ca 5,000 killed, wounded or missing

17 cannons lost[1]

The final Battle of Luçon was fought on 14 August 1793 during the French Revolutionary Wars, between forces of the French Republic under Augustin Tuncq and Royalist forces under Gigot d’Elbée. The engagement on 14 August, fought near the town of Luçon in Vendée, France, was actually the conclusion of three engagements between the Vendean insurgents and the Republican French. On 15 July, Claude Sandoz and a garrison of 800 had repulsed 5,000 insurgents led by d'Elbee; on 28 July, Augustin Tuncq drove off a second attempt; two weeks later, Tunq and his 5,000 men routed 30,000 insurgents under the personal command of Francois-Athanese Charette.[2]


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Coordinates: 46°27′20″N 1°09′53″W / 46.4556°N 1.1647°W / 46.4556; -1.1647