Battle of Małogoszcz

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Battle of Małogoszcz
Part of January Uprising
Battle of Małogoszcz 1863
Date 24 February 1863
Location Małogoszcz
Result Indecisive
Poland Imperial Russia
Commanders and leaders
General Marian Langiewicz Colonel Dobrowolski
2600, 2 very small cannons 3000, 6 heavy cannons
Casualties and losses
300 unknown

Battle of Małogoszcz took place on February 24, 1863, near Małogoszcz in the Holy Cross voivodeship. It was the one of biggest battles of the January Uprising. Polish general Marian Langiewicz began concentrating his forces in the Holy Cross Mountains; he wanted to attack Warsaw with them, but the Russians unveiled his attempts. He was attacked by a few Russian forces simultaneously. Langiewicz defeated them all in many skirmishes. Polish forces grew to 2,600 men. Russian colonel Dobrowolski attacked near Małogoszcz. The Russians shelled Polish positions, but their attack was eventually smashed by a Polish cavalry counterattack. Langiewicz ordered a retreat. The battle was indecisive - the Russians failed to annihilate the Polish army and the Polish failed to defend their positions.


Coordinates: 50°49′N 20°17′E / 50.817°N 20.283°E / 50.817; 20.283