Battle of Medan Area

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The Battle of Medan Area (Indonesian: Pertempuran Medan Area) is a people's resistance against the Allies war that occurred in Medan, North Sumatra (Indonesia) during the Indonesian National Revolution.[1]

The name of "Medan" in Battle of Medan Area can be meant as "field" in Indonesian language, that is why Battle of Medan Area has the satirical meaning as the Battlefield Area.


On 27 August 1945 the people of Medan just heard the proclamation of the new field that was brought by Teuku Mohammad Hassan as the Governor of Sumatra in Sukarno's Presidential Cabinet. Responding to news of the proclamation, the youths under the leadership of Ahmad Tahir formed the Pemuda Indonesia (Indonesia's Youth). On 29 September, the Medan newspaper Pewarta Deli ran a story suggesting that the Republic had collapsed. In response, local nationalists held a meeting in which T. M. Hassan announced that this was not true, and then was followed by a rousing speech by Abdoe'lxarim M.s. which had the audience pounding on the walls.[2] Allies landed in Medan on 9 October 1945 under the leadership of T.E.D Kelly. The landing of the Allied Forces (British India and AFNEI) was followed by NICA. The Netherlands was prepared to take over the government. The arrival of allied forces and NICA turns fishing incidents. On 13 October 1945 the Pemuda and TKR fought against the Allies and NICA in an effort to seize and take over government buildings from the Japanese. The British issued an ultimatum to the Indonesian people to hand over weapons to the Allies. This ultimatum was ignored by Indonesian people.


On 1 December 1945, the Allies installed boards inscribed "Fixed Field Area Boundaries" (the legal limit field region) in various outskirts of the city of Medan. Allies action was a challenge for the Pemuda. On 10 December 1945, the Allies and NICA launched a massive attack against the city of Medan. The attack caused many casualties on both sides. In April 1946, the Allies succeeded in occupying the city of Medan. Central struggle of the people of Medan and then transferred to Pemantangsiantar.

To continue the struggle in Medan, Indonesia's local government established the People's Army Commando Regiment of Medan Area. Commander initerus conducted to attacks against Allies in Medan territory. Almost the entire of Sumatra territory occurred in people's resistance against the Japanese, the Allies, and the Netherlands. The Sumatra battle front occurred in Padang, Bukittinggi, and Aceh.


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