Battle of Mir

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This article is about the 1792 battle. For 1812 battle, see Battle of Mir (1812).
Battle of Mir
Part of the Polish–Russian War of 1792
Map of the Polish–Russian War of 1792
Date 11 June 1792
Location Mir in Belarus
Result Russian victory
Herb Rzeczypospolitej Obojga Narodow.svg Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth Flag of Russia.svg Russian Empire
Commanders and leaders
Herb Rzeczypospolitej Obojga Narodow.svg Józef Judycki Flag of Russia.svg Boris Mellin
8,000 5,500

Battle of Mir was one of the first battles of the Polish–Russian War of 1792. It took place in the town of Mir, which is now part of Belarus on June 11, 1792.

Despite Polish numerical superiority (8,000 to 5,500) the Poles were defeated.[1]

The Russian army of Boris Mellin defeated the Lithuanian force under Józef Judycki. The confrontation could have gone the other way if the 900 troops under Stanisław Kostka Potocki and Tomasz Wawrzecki were used to augment the defence; instead Judycki called a two-hour counsel. This gave time for the Russian forces to regroup and they were then able to prepare a final counterattack.

On that day there was also an assault and conquest of the Mir Castle Complex. Judycki left his troops and resorted to Hrodna (Polish: Grodno).

Disgraced Judycki was relieved of command soon afterwards, on June 17, to be replaced by Michał Zabiełło.[1]


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