Battle of Munda Point

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Battle of Munda Point
Part of the Pacific Theater of World War II
U.S. Army soldiers attack Japanese fortifications with flamethrowers on or around 1 August 1943 during the battle for the airfield.
Date22 July-4 August 1943
Result United States victory
 United States  Japan
Commanders and leaders
William Halsey
Millard Harmon
Theodore S. Wilkinson
Leonard F. Wing
Oscar Griswold
J. Lawton Collins
William J. Scheyer
Minoru Sasaki
Genjiro Hirata
30,000 9,000

The Battle of Munda Point was a battle, from 22 July-4 August 1943, between primarily United States Army and Imperial Japanese Army forces during the New Georgia Campaign in the Solomon Islands in the Pacific War. In the battle, U.S. forces captured a Japanese airfield constructed at Munda Point on New Georgia.

After losing the battle for the airfield, Japanese forces abandoned New Georgia entirely and redeployed to defend nearby Kolombangara. The U.S. employed the airfield in its campaign as part of Operation Cartwheel to isolate the major Japanese base at Rabaul, New Britain.

172nd Infantry at Battle for Munda, 1943, WWII


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