Battle of Nambanje

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Battle of Nambanje
Part of East African Campaign
Date 13 March 1917
Location Nambanje
Result British defeat
British Empire King's African Rifles Schutztruppe
Commanders and leaders
T.J.W. Weld Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck
Casualties and losses
one machine gun, 7 KIA, 10 WIA, 1 POW unknown

The Battle of Nambanje was a minor engagement between British and German colonial forces during the East African Campaign of World War I. It involved the 1st East African Division and took place on 13 March 1917.[1] Several British units were ordered to attack German forces that had been spotted near Nambanje. The British advance was detected by the Germans the day before, which enabled them to prepare and repulse the attack.[2]


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Coordinates: 8°42′33″S 38°36′01″E / 8.709063°S 38.600262°E / -8.709063; 38.600262