Siege of Narva (1704)

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Battle of Narva
Part of the Great Northern War
ZauerveydNA Petr1UsmirDA19.jpg

Peter the Great leads the Russian troops capturing Narva in 1704
Date 9 August 1704
Location Narva
Result Russian victory
Naval Ensign of Sweden.svg Swedish Empire Flag of Russia.svg Tsardom of Russia
3,800 infantry and 1,300 cavalry 20,000[1]:697
Casualties and losses
3,200 dead or wounded 1900 captured up to 3,000 dead or wounded[2]
Memorial in Narva

The Battle of Narva was the second Russian siege of Swedish Narva during the Great Northern War, resulting in the capture of the town by Russia on 9 August 1704, and the subsequent massacre of some of its Swedish inhabitants.[3]

Four years after the first battle of Narva, Tsar Peter I marched again to the area with a reorganized army in an attempt to capture Narva and occupy Ingria, previously a Swedish logistical center.[1]:697 Marshal Boris Sheremetev's force of 20,000 captured Tartu on 24 June.[1]:697 Sheremetev then besieged Narva, with the garrison under the Commandant Major-General Henning Rudolf Horn af Ranzien and consisting of only 3,800 infantry and 1,300 cavalry. After a long siege followed by a three-fronted attack the Russians captured Narva on 20 August 1704, massacring hundreds of its Swedish garrison and inhabitants before Peter I stopped them.[1]:69 General Horn, several officers and a large number of Swedish soldiers were captured, after roughly 3,200 casualties in the siege and aftermath. The Russians lost up to 3,000 men in total.[2] On 11 September, citizens of Narva swore allegiance to Peter I in the courtyard of the town hall.[4] The city was incorporated into the Russian Tsardom.

In August, Peter I signed the Treaty of Narva in the town.

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