Battle of Negropont

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Battle of Negropont
Date 1470
Location near Negropont
Result Ottoman victory, Negropont captured
 Ottoman Empire  Republic of Venice
Commanders and leaders
Mehmed II Nicolò Canale

The Battle of Negropont was fought in July 1470 between the fleets of Venice and the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans, led by Sultan Mehmed II (Fatih Sultan Mehmet) were besieging Negropont; the Venetians arrived to break the siege, but failed. Negropont became part of the Ottoman Empire and an Ottoman naval base.Two Hospitaller galleys commanded by Giovanni de Cardona, Spanish knight, bailiff of Majorca, cooperated with the Venetian fleet The leader of the Venetian relief force was Nicolò Canal, known as "a man of letters rather than a fighter, a learned man readier to read books than direct the affairs of the sea."[1] His fleet had 53 galleys and 18 smaller ships, a fifth of the Ottoman fleet's size. He arrived three weeks into the siege, lost his nerve and withdrew to Samothrace, asking for more help, but only Papal indulgences arrived. Canal could have broken the siege if he had attacked the Pontoon bridge the Turks depended on. Wind and tide were in his favour and the Venetians were sailing 15 knots towards it, but he lost his nerve and withdrew. He took his now mutinous fleet back to Venice and Negropont surrendered the next day.

The garrison commander, Paolo Erizzo, surrendered in order to keep his head, but the Ottomans executed him by cutting him in half at the waist. Canal was tried, fined, stripped of his rank and exiled to Portogruaro.


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