Battle of Nekmíř

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Battle of Nekmíř
Part of the Hussite Wars
DateDecember 1419
Nekmíř, north of Pilsen
Result Hussite victory
Husitská korouhev.svg Hussites Bohemia Arms.svg Bohemian Catholics
Commanders and leaders
Jan Žižka Bohuslav von Schwanberg
400 infantry
7 war wagons
2,000 cavalry
Casualties and losses
Unknown Heavy

The Battle of Nekmíř was one of several raids carried out by the Bohemian Royalist forces, commanded by Bohuslav von Schwanberg, against Jan Žižka's Hussite troops.

The raid caught Hussite forces besieging the fortress of Nekmíř.

The Hussite force was able to break through Bohuslav's lines by using artillery (hand guns) mounted on wagons, and effect a retreat.

The results of this conflict were important in demonstrating Jan Žižka's military competence in the minds of the Hussites. The Prague Hussites would later call for Žižka's assistance in defending their town against the crusading Imperial Army, despite having spurned him by acquiescing to the Royalists' demands after the initial Royalist-Hussite conflict in Prague.

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