Battle of Nghĩa Lộ (1951)

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Battle of Nghĩa Lộ (1951)
Part of the First Indochina War
Date 3–10 October 1951
Location Nghia Lo, Vietnam
Result French victory
North Vietnam Viet Minh  France
Commanders and leaders
Lê Trọng Tấn Rémy Raffalli
2,400 450
Casualties and losses
300 killed 60 killed

The Battle of Nghia Lo (Vietnamese: Nghĩa Lộ), also called Ly Thuong Kiet Campaign by Vietminh, was fought between the French army and the Viet Minh during the First Indochina War. On 3 October, the Viet Minh 312th Division launched an attack on French forces in the town of Nghia Lo and its vicinity. The attack was repelled, after a week of fighting. A year later on 17 October, the Viet Minh launched another attack on Nghia Lo and suceceded in driving out the remaining French from the area.


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Coordinates: 20°59′00″N 106°03′00″E / 20.9833°N 106.0500°E / 20.9833; 106.0500