Battle of Niš (1689)

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Battle of Niš
Part of Great Turkish War
Engraving of the Siege of Niš in 1689.jpg
17th-century engraving of the Siege of Niš
Date 24 September 1689
Location Niš, southern Serbia
Result Austrian victory
 Holy Roman Empire Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Units involved
Serbian Militia[1]
16,000[2] 40-70,000[1]

The Battle of Niš was fought on 24 September 1689,[3] near the city of Niš in southern Serbia, between the forces of the Ottoman Empire, and the forces of the Holy Roman Empire as part of the Great Turkish War.

The Austrian Commander, Louis William, Margrave of Baden-Baden; defeated the Ottoman forces and captured the city. When Louis William learned that there are no Ottoman defence positions on Vinik he ordered Nestorović to attack it.[1] Nestorović managed to bypass right wing of Ottoman forces and with this maneuver solved the battle in favor of Austrians. For this achievement, after this battle Nestorović was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.[4]

After the battle Louis left Lieutenant-general Piccolomini in charge of the Sanjak of Niš and marched to Vidin. Piccolomini led a campaign deep into Macedonia. The Ottomans retook Niš the following year after the Austrian abandoned the city.[5]

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