Battle of Ningpo

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Battle of Ningpo
Part of the First Opium War
Repulse at Ningpo.jpg
The British repulse the Chinese advance in the city
Date 10 March 1842
Location Ningpo, Zhejiang, China
Coordinates: 29°52′18″N 121°33′24″E / 29.87167°N 121.55667°E / 29.87167; 121.55667
Result British victory

 United Kingdom

Qing China
Commanders and leaders
Lieut. Colonel Morris[1] Colonel Duan Yongfu[2]
900 troops[3] 5,000 troops[4]
Casualties and losses
5 wounded[5] 500–600 killed[4]
39 captured[4]

The Battle of Ningpo was fought between British and Chinese Manchu forces in Ningpo (Ningbo), Zhejiang province, China, on 10 March 1842 during the First Opium War (1839–1842). After the British captured Chinhai (Zhenhai) on 10 October 1841, three days later they captured the nearby city of Ningpo unopposed. On 10 March, the Chinese dispatched Manchu Prince Yijing to muster forces and recapture the city but the British repelled their attack. The Chinese forces consisted of Manchu Bannermen. Tricked into thinking the British had abandoned the city, the Chinese rushed in only to find mines laid in the streets. The Chinese retreated but were ambushed by the British, and were repelled from the city.


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