Battle of Noisseville

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Battle of Noisseville
Part of the Franco-Prussian War
Date 31 August – 1 September 1870
Location near Noisseville, France
Result Prussian victory
Kingdom of Prussia Prussia France France
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Prussia Frederick Charles
France François Achille Bazaine
69,000 soldiers
204 guns
95,900 soldiers
288 guns
Casualties and losses
2,850 soldiers
126 officers
3,401 soldiers
146 officers

The Battle of Noisseville on 31 August 1870 was fought during the Franco-Prussian War and ended in a Prussian victory.

Traveling from Metz, the French forces under Marshal François Achille Bazaine attempted to break through the investing line of the Prussian forces under Prince Frederick Charles. At first, the French had slight success, and maintained the ground they won during the day. But on 1 September the French were driven back into Metz, with a loss of 3,379 soldiers and 145 officers. The Prussians lost 2,850 soldiers and 126 officers.


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Coordinates: 49°08′07″N 6°16′28″E / 49.1353°N 6.2744°E / 49.1353; 6.2744