Battle of Nola (216 BC)

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First Battle of Nola
Part of the Second Punic War
Campania bellum Hannibalicum 216 aC.png
Map of the 216 BC Nola campaign
DateLate 216 BC
Nola, present-day Italy
Result Stalemate
Carthage standard.svg Carthage Spqrstone.jpg Roman Republic
Commanders and leaders
Hannibal Marcus Claudius Marcellus

The First Battle of Nola was fought in 216 BC between the forces of Hannibal and a Roman force led by Marcus Claudius Marcellus. Hannibal was attempting to seize the town of Nola: He failed, and would make two more unsuccessful attempts on the city over the next two years.

Coordinates: 40°55′34″N 14°31′39″E / 40.9261°N 14.5275°E / 40.9261; 14.5275