Battle of Nyborg

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Battle of Nyborg
Part of the Second Northern War
Landgangen i Kerteminde 1659.jpg
Landgangen i Kerteminde 1659 by Christian Mølsted. Landing at Funen, shortly before the battle of Nyborg.
DateNovember 14, 1659
LocationNyborg at the island of Funen, Denmark
Result Decisive Allied victory
Flag of Sweden.svg Swedish Empire Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark–Norway
Banner of the Holy Roman Emperor with haloes (1400-1806).svg Holy Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Philip Florinus of Sulzbach
Gustaf Otto Stenbock
Hans Schack
Ernst Albrecht von Eberstein
5,000[1]–5,500[2] 9,000[2]
Casualties and losses
2,000 killed,
3,000 or more captured the day after[1]
1,900 killed and wounded[2]

The Battle of Nyborg was a battle fought between Sweden and the combined forces of Denmark, Dutch naval forces under Michiel de Ruyter, troops of Brandenburg-Prussia, and Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth forces under Stefan Czarniecki. The battle was engaged on 14 November 1659 at Nyborg on the Danish island of Funen. Nyborg was the final major conflict of the Dano-Swedish War of 1658 to 1660.

Swedish Imperial Field Marshal Philip Florinus of Sulzbach, leading the vanquished Swedish forces, was forced to save his own life by fleeing under cover of night. The battle is considered one of the most important Danish victories of the war.[3]

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Coordinates: 55°16′12″N 10°52′12″E / 55.2700°N 10.8700°E / 55.2700; 10.8700