Battle of Ojo Caliente Canyon

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Battle of Ojo Caliente Canyon
Part of the Jicarilla War, Apache Wars, Ute Wars
Date April 8, 1854
Location near Ojo Caliente, New Mexico Territory
Result United States victory
 United States Apache
Commanders and leaders
United States Philip St. George Cooke
United States Kit Carson
200 cavalry
100 infantry
32 native scouts[1]
~150 warriors
Casualties and losses
none 5 killed
6 wounded,[2][3]
This engagement should not be confused with the later Battle of Ojo Caliente in 1879.

The Battle of Ojo Caliente Canyon, or simply the Battle of Ojo Caliante was an engagement of the Jicarilla War on April 8, 1854. Combatants were Jicarilla Apache warriors, and their Ute allies, against the United States Army. The skirmish was fought as result of the pursuit of the Jicarilla after the Battle of Cieneguilla just over a week earlier.

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