Battle of Oriamendi

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Battle of Oriamendi
Part of First Carlist War
Date 16 March 1837
Location Fortification of Oriamendi, near San Sebastián, Basque Country, Spain
Result Carlist victory

Carlists supporting

Infante Carlos of Spain
Liberals (Isabelinos or Cristinos) supporting
Isabella II of Spain and her regent mother Maria Christina
United KingdomGreat Britain
Commanders and leaders
Sebastian de Borbón Baldomero Espartero, Prince of Vergara
De Lacy Evans
Pedro Sarsfield
Casualties and losses
~1,000 and 1,500

The Battle of Oriamendi was a battle fought on 16 March 1837 during the First Carlist War.

The battle was part of a campaign in spring 1837 when the liberal Army tried to chase the Carlists from the Basque Country. They attacked from three points: General Pedro Sarsfield from Pamplona, General Espartero from Bilbao and a British-Spanish force under George de Lacy Evans from San Sebastián.

On March 15 the British Legion conquered a fortification known as Oriamendi on a strategic hill near San Sebastián.
The next day the Carlists under Sebastian de Borbón counterattacked and after a long battle, drove the British-liberal army back to their trenches outside San Sebastian. This force had suffered between 1,000 and 1,500 casualties and covering fire from the British Navy prevented the withdrawal from becoming a disaster.

After the battle the Carlists besieged San Sebastián, but never succeeded in taking the city.

The defeat caused an outrage in the British parliament. The battle was a great boost in morale for the Carlists, and lives on in the Marcha de Oriamendi, which became the anthem of the Carlist movement.

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