Battle of Panipat

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There have been three Battles of Panipat:

  • The First Battle of Panipat (1526), between Babur (Mughal dynasty) and Ibrahim Lodi (Lodhi dynasty), resulting in a Victory of Mughal and establishing the Mughal empire in India.
  • The Second Battle of Panipat (1556), between the Mughal Ruler Akbar (Bairam Khan represented him) and Hemu, the Hindu ruler of North India from Delhi, resulting in a Mughal win.
  • The Third Battle of Panipat (14 January 1761), between the Durrani Empire of Ahmad Shah Abdali of Afghanistan with the help of the Rohilla Afghans of the Doab and shuja-ud-Daulah of Awadh against the Maratha Empire led by prime minister Balaji baji Rao, resulting with decisive Afghan victory.