Battle of Perugia

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Battle of Perugia
Part of Antony's civil war
Date Winter of 41 BC and 40 BC
Location Perugia
Result Octavian victory
Octavian's forces allies of Mark Antony
Commanders and leaders
Quintus Salvidienus Rufus
Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa
Lucius Antonius
at least 8 legions

The Battle of Perugia was fought in the winter of 41 BC and 40 BC between Octavian and Lucius Antonius, the brother of Mark Antony, who was aided by Antony's wife, Fulvia. Octavian's forces were victorious, obtaining the surrender of Perugia. Fulvia was exiled, and died of illness while in exile. This left Antony free to marry Octavian's sister, and a temporary peace between Octavian and Antony resulted.

Coordinates: 43°06′39″N 12°23′21″E / 43.110701°N 12.389172°E / 43.110701; 12.389172