Battle of Peshawar (1834)

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Battle of Peshawar
Part of Afghan-Sikh Wars
Date May 6, 1834
Location Peshawar
Result Sikh Victory
Afghan forces routed
Sikh Empire flag.jpg Sikh Empire Flag of Herat until 1842.svg Durrani Empire
Commanders and leaders
Hari Singh Nalwa Dost Mohammad Khan
Sultan Mohammad Khan

The Battle of Peshawar took place on May 6, 1834 between the Sikh Empire and the Afghans[1] who were the successors to the Durrani Empire. Maharaj Ranjit Singh had previously won and lost the city of Peshawar twice, and sent General Hari Singh Nalwa to capture it. After brief fighting Hari Singh Nalwa forced Sultan Mohammad Khan to evacuate the city.[1] A large Afghan force under his brother, Dost Mohammad Khan arrived in support of him but withdrew.[1] Hari Singh Nalwa then installed Sultan Mohammad Khan as governor of the city as a vassal to Maharaja Ranjit Singh.


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