Battle of Philippopolis (250)

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Battle of Philippopolis
Part of Crisis of the Third Century
Date 250 AD
Location Philippopolis, Roman Thrace (Plovdiv,  Bulgaria)
Result Gothic victory
Goths Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Cniva unknown
unknown unknown
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

The Battle of Philippopolis was fought in 250 AD between Rome and the Goths. The Goths were led by King Cniva, and after a long siege, they were victorious. The king subsequently allied himself with the town commander and governor of Thrace, Lucius Priscus, to take on the Roman Emperor Decius.[1] The battle took place at the Thracian city of Philippopolis, modern Plovdiv, Bulgaria.


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Coordinates: 42°9′0″N 24°45′0″E / 42.15000°N 24.75000°E / 42.15000; 24.75000