Siege of Philippopolis (250)

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Siege of Philippopolis
Part of Gothic War (248-253), Crisis of the Third Century
Philippopolis Location.jpg
Philippopolis Location
Date250 or 251 CE
Philippopolis, Roman Thrace
Result Gothic victory
Goths Roman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Cniva Titus Julius Priscus  Executed
unknown unknown
Casualties and losses
unknown unknown

The siege of Philippopolis was fought in about 250 between Rome and the Goths during the invasions of 249–253 at the Thracian city of Philippopolis, modern Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It was part of the long-running series of Gothic Wars.

The Goths were led by King Cniva who had crossed the Danube in 249 or 250 with two armies. His army attacked Novae and Nicopolis ad Istrum unsuccessfully before defeating the army of Emperor Decius at Augusta Traiana and moving on to Philippopolis.[1]

Decius had been on his way to relieve Philippopolis with a reinforced army, but arrived too late.

After a long siege, Cniva was victorious after the city was betrayed by a citizen.[2] The king subsequently allied himself with the governor of Thrace, Titus Julius Priscus, to take on the Roman Emperor Decius again at Abritus.[3]


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