Battle of Pine Bluff

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Battle of Pine Bluff
Part of the American Civil War
Date October 25, 1863
Location Pine Bluff, Arkansas
34°13′45.87″N 92°0′11.81″W / 34.2294083°N 92.0032806°W / 34.2294083; -92.0032806
Result United States victory
United States United States Confederate States of America Confederate States
Commanders and leaders
Powell Clayton John Marmaduke
1,500 2,000
Casualties and losses
56 40
Pine Bluff is located in Arkansas
Pine Bluff
Pine Bluff
Location of Pine Bluff in Arkansas

The Battle of Pine Bluff (October 25, 1863) was a battle fought after the fall of Little Rock, Arkansas to United States forces during the American Civil War.


On October 25, 1863, Colonel Powell Clayton of the 5th Kansas Cavalry successfully repulsed efforts by Confederate Brigadier-General John Marmaduke to retake Pine Bluff. Cotton bales hastily placed around the county courthouse and surrounding city streets provided effective barricades for the defenders.

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