Battle of Porto Novo

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Battle of Porto Novo
Part of the Second Anglo-Mysore War
Battle of Porto Novo.jpg
Map of the battle
Date 1 July 1781
Location Porto Novo, Cuddalore, India
Result Company victory
British East India Company Sultanate of Mysore
Commanders and leaders
Eyre Coote[1] Hyder Ali

The Battle of Porto Novo was fought on 1 July 1781 between forces of the Kingdom of Mysore and Great Britain in the place called Porto Novo (now known as Parangipettai) on the Indian subcontinent, during the Second Anglo-Mysore War. The British force, numbering more than 8,000 under the command of Sir Eyre Coote defeated a force estimated at 40,000 under the command of Hyder Ali.


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Coordinates: 11°29′N 79°46′E / 11.483°N 79.767°E / 11.483; 79.767