Battle of Praia da Vitória

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Battle of Praia Bay
Part of Liberal Wars
Batalha da Praia da Vitória.jpg
Date 11 August 1829
Location Praia Bay, Terceira island, Azores
Result Loyalist victory
Flag Portugal (1830).svg Loyalists Flag Portugal (1707).svg Miguelites
Commanders and leaders
Queen Maria II
Duke of Terceira
Dom Miguel
José António Azevedo e Lemos

The Battle of Praia Bay was fought on August 11, 1829, between Portuguese loyalists and a Miguelite fleet as part of the Portuguese civil war.

The Miguelites under command of José António Azevedo e Lemos attempted to disembark troops on Terceira island, but were defeated by the loyalist troops under command of the Duke of Terceira who controlled a dozen small forts and artillery batteries along five kilometers of the coast. The defeat of the absolutists in this battle was decisive for the affirmation and posterior victory of the liberal ideas in Portugal.

After the war, the municipality of Praia was renamed as Praia da Vitória.