Battle of Providencia

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Battle of Providencia (also called the "Second Battle of Cahuenga Pass") took place in Cahuenga Pass in 1845 on Rancho Providencia in the San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles, California. Native Californians successfully challenged Mexican forces regarding autonomy of Alta California.

The conflict[edit]

Alta California, originally a province of New Spain, had been a territory under Mexican rule since 1822. As the native-born Californio population reached adulthood, many of them became impatient that the government of Mexico continued to choose Mexican-born governors. Following the Californio Juan Bautista Alvarado, the central government in 1842 appointed as governor Manuel Micheltorena, another non-Californio who proved very unpopular. By 1844, a revolt against him arose, culminating in the Battle of Providencia.

In spite of an extensive artillery barrage[1] battle casualties were similarly slight as in the first Battle of Cahuenga Pass, being limited to one horse and one mule.[2] In the battle's wake, Micheltorena fled with his forces and ceded the governorship to Pío Pico, a Californio born at Mission San Gabriel Arcángel in San Gabriel. Pico's governorship was subsequently confirmed by the central government.

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