Battle of Różan

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Battle of Różan
Part of Invasion of Poland
Date September 4–6, 1939
Location Near Różan, Poland
Result German victory
 Germany  Poland
Commanders and leaders
Nazi Germany Rudolf Schmidt Poland Czesław Rzedzicki
30,000 men 3,300 men
15 guns
Casualties and losses
12–18 tanks
(only on September 5)
~20 KIA, 50 WIA
(only on September 5)

The Battle of Różan, otherwise known as defence of Różan bridgehead, took place between September 4 and September 6, 1939, in the fields before the town of Różan on the Narew River. A small Polish garrison of three World War I forts (consisting of two infantry battalions) successfully defended the bridgehead against the entire German panzer division for the entire day and night. However, as a result of a misunderstanding of the commander in chief's orders, the Polish forces were then withdrawn to the other side of the river, and then further eastwards on September 6.


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Coordinates: 52°53′22″N 21°23′57″E / 52.889349°N 21.399075°E / 52.889349; 21.399075