Battle of Raith

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Battle of Raith
Date596 CE
Coordinates: 56°07′02″N 3°11′36″W / 56.117233°N 3.193417°W / 56.117233; -3.193417
Result Decisive Angle victory
Angles Britons
Commanders and leaders
Áedán mac Gabráin
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Raith is said to have been fought in 596 AD to the west of present-day Kirkcaldy. An invading force of Angles landed on the Fife coast[1] near Raith and defeated an alliance of Scots, Britons and Picts under King Áedán mac Gabráin of Dál Riata.

This may be the battle mentioned in the Book of Aneirin in Y Gododdin as Catraeth (although there are other candidates), cath being Gaelic for battle or fight.[2][3]


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