Battle of Rakvere (1603)

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Battle of Rakvere
Part of the Polish–Swedish War (1600–1611)
Date March 5, 1603
Location Rakvere, modern-day Estonia
Result Polish victory
Sweden Sweden Herb Rzeczypospolitej Obojga Narodow.svg Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
Commanders and leaders
Anders Lennartsson Jan Karol Chodkiewicz
Casualties and losses
170 killed 1 killed and 2 wounded

The Battle of Rakvere took place March 5, 1603 during the Polish–Swedish War (1600–1611). In December, 1620, the siege of Dorpat commenced. On the 5th March 1603 at Rakvere with 1,000 men Jan Chodkiewicz defeated the Swedish relief force of 2,000 and on 13th April Dorpat capitulated. In the battle the Lithuanians lost only one soldier, and two were wounded. The Swedes lost 70 Germans mercenaries and 100 Estonian peasants.