Battle of Ramadi (2004)

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Battle of Ramadi (2004)
Part of the Iraq War
Date April 6–10, 2004
(4 days)
Location Ramadi, Iraq
Result American Victory
United States United States Iraq Iraqi insurgents
1,500 approx. 2000
Casualties and losses
13 killed[1]
40 wounded
300–450 killed

The Battle of Ramadi was fought in the spring of 2004, during the same time as the First Battle of Fallujah. In April 2004, Fallujah was under siege by Coalition Forces and insurgents were looking to relieve pressure on the city by attempting an offensive of their own. Ramadi, the capital of Al Anbar Province, was seen as a center of gravity to coalition forces, and thus a prime target to attack. Before the battle started, insurgents cut off the highway out of Al Anbar to Baghdad.

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