Battle of Renty

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Battle of Renty
Part of the Habsburg-Valois War
Bataille de Renty.jpg
Henry II remitting the Order of Saint-Michel to Marshall de Tavannes after the Battle of Renty, on 13 August 1554.
Date12 August 1554
Result French victory[1]
 Holy Roman Empire  France
Commanders and leaders
Holy Roman Empire Charles V of Habsburg Kingdom of France Francis, Duke of Guise

The Battle of Renty was fought on 12 August 1554, between France and the Holy Roman Empire at Renty, a northern French secondary theatre of the Italian Wars. The French were led by Francis, Duke of Guise, while the Imperial forces were led by Emperor Charles V of Habsburg.[2]


Duke Francis had already forced the emperor to abandon the Siege of Metz in 1552. King Henry II of France had occupied the city according to the terms of the Treaty of Chambord he had signed with several Protestant Imperial princes. The French repelled Charles' 1554 invasion, the emperor abdicated two years later and King Henry II ultimately retained the Three Bishoprics of Metz, Toul and Verdun.


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