Battle of Rhunahaorine Moss

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Coordinates: 55°40′37″N 5°38′46″W / 55.677°N 5.646°W / 55.677; -5.646

Battle of Rhunahaorine Moss
Part of the Wars of the Three Kingdoms
Date 24 May 1647
Location Rhunahaorine Point, Kintyre, Scotland
Result Covenanter Victory
Royalist Highland Scots Covenanter Scots
Commanders and leaders
Alasdair MacColla
(Sir Alexander or Alasdair MacDonald)
David Leslie
Battle of Rhunahaorine Moss is located in Scotland
Battle of Rhunahaorine Moss
Location within Scotland

The Battle of Rhunahaorine Moss was a battle between Covenanters led by General David Leslie and Royalist forces led by Alasdair Mac Colla Chiotaich (Sir Alexander MacDonald) at Rhunahaorine Point, Kintyre, Scotland on 24 May 1647. The Covenanters defeated the Royalists.[1]

Largie Castle at Rhunahaorine, home of the MacDonalds of Largie, was razed by the forces of General David Leslie.[2]


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