Battle of River Duyon

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The Battle of River Duyon was a naval engagement between the Portuguese forces commanded by Nuno Álvares Botelho, who is renowned in Portugal as the last great commander of Portuguese India, and the forces of the Sultanate of Aceh, which were led by General Lassemane.

The relatively modest Portuguese fleet achieved an absolute victory over the Ottoman-allied Aceh in such decisive ways that not a single ship or man of the invading force sent to conquer Malacca managed to get back to its country. The Sultanate of Perak, a vassal of the Sultanate of Aceh, defected to the Portuguese side on the occasion.

After his triumph, Álvares Botelho was received in Malacca in apotheosis, and his great achievement was greatly celebrated in Portugal. Additionally, the Portuguese captured the huge captain ship of Aceh, called "Wonder of the World". The ship, a galley with a crew of over 1,000 men, was then taken to Malacca and Goa to be admired by the population.


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