Battle of Rovno

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Battle of Rovno
Part of Eastern Front (World War II)
Date 2–5 February 1944
Location Rovno, Ukraine
50°37′N 26°15′E / 50.617°N 26.250°E / 50.617; 26.250Coordinates: 50°37′N 26°15′E / 50.617°N 26.250°E / 50.617; 26.250
Result Soviet victory
Nazi Germany Germany
XIII Army Corps
Soviet Union Soviet Union
13th Army
60th Army

The Battle of Rovno was a World War II battle between remnant forces of the German XIII Army Corps and the Red Army in and around the Ukrainian city of Rovno on 2 February 1944. Army Group South had instructed XIII Corps to establish new defensive positions on the Sdolbuno-Uscie-Rovno-Zolotyov line to close the open left flank of the Army Group and delay the advancing Red Army.[1] The Soviet advance was part of the Korsun–Shevchenkovsky Offensive.[2] The Soviet 13th and 60th Armies moved through gaps in the defensive line,[3] surrounding the few German forces within the city.[1] The remaining German forces capitulated on 5 February 1944.[4]


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