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Battle of Saipan order of battle is a description of the major ground combat formations that participated in the Battle of Saipan during World War II. The battle took place between 15 June and 9 July 1944.

Imperial Japanese Army[edit]

  • HQ, 31st Army — Lieutenant General Yoshitsugu Saitō
    • 14th Independent Mortar Battalion
    • 17th Independent Mortar Battalion
    • 20th Independent Mortar Battalion
    • 115th Airfield Battalion
    • 23d Field Airfield Construction Unit
    • Miscellaneous straggler units
  • 43rd Division
    • 118th Infantry Regiment
    • 135th Infantry Regiment
    • 136th Infantry Regiment
    • Divisional support
  • 47th Independent Mixed Brigade
    • 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry Regiment
    • 3rd Battalion, 9th Independent Mixed Brigade
    • 3rd Independent Mountain Artillery Regiment
    • 9th Tank Regiment (-)
    • 25th Antiaircraft Artillery Regiment
    • Miscellaneous units
  • 316th Independent Infantry Battalion
  • 317th Independent Infantry Battalion
  • 318th Independent Infantry Battalion

United States[edit]

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