Battle of Saltillo

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The Battle of Saltillo (October 25, 1840) was fought between insurgents under the command of Colonel Samuel Jordan fighting for the Republic of the Rio Grande and the Centralists under the command of General Rafael Vasquez fighting for the First Mexican Republic. The result was a victory for the Centralists.


General Antonio Canales and the remaining insurgents that survived the Battle of Morales (25 March) sought refuge in San Antonio, Texas.[1]

While official recognition from the Republic of Texas was not obtained, General Canales' tour was met with some success. On June 1, he arrived in San Patricio, where the rebellion forces had been reorganizing. In addition to 300 volunteers, the army had grown to include 140 Texan and 80 Native American volunteers. The Texan volunteers were led by Colonel Samuel Jordan.[2]


General Canales sent Colonel Jordan and approximately 90 Texan volunteers south into disputed territory in late June; they crossed the Rio Grande, and took Ciudad Victoria, the capital of Tamaulipas, without any resistance. A few of those who were guiding Jordan were still loyal to the Central government of Mexico and were trying to lead the Texans towards San Luis Potosí, where a Mexican ambush awaited. Jordan suspected such and diverted his troops to Saltillo, Coahuila, where, on October 25, he was attacked by Mexican General Ráfael Vásquez. Some of Jordan's soldiers deserted and he was heavily outnumbered, but he was able to defend himself and return to Texas.[3][4]


Soon after this defeat Canales capitulated to the Centralists.[4]


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