Battle of San Felasco Hammock

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Battle of San Felasco Hammock
Part of Second Seminole War
Date September 18, 1836
Location Newnansville, Florida

Seminole Victory

  • Seminoles remain in Florida
 United States Seminole
Commanders and leaders
John Warren Ar-pi-uck-i
140 regulars
60 state militia
85 warriors
340 tribesmen
Casualties and losses
1 killed
1 horse killed
3 wounded

The Battle of San Felasco Hammock was a battle of the Second Seminole War fought by Florida's Seminole Indians to prevent their removal to the Arkansas Territory in accordance with the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Euro-American settlers established the town of Newnansville, Florida, around Fort Gilleland. The site upon which both Fort Gilleland and Newnansville once stood is now encompassed by the city of Alachua, Florida. The San Felasco Hammock is currently part of San Felasco Hammock Preserve State Park.