Battle of San Jacinto (1856)

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Battle of San Jacinto
Part of the Filibuster War
La Pedrada de Andres Castro.jpg
Painter La Pedrada de Andres Castro, with stoning of Sargeant Andres Castro to filibusteros in prime view; the Colonel José Dolores Estrada is in found with a sword contigue to arm left of filibuster colapsen for Castro.
DateSeptember 14, 1856
LocationHacienda (Ranch) San Jacinto, Managua, Nicaragua
Result Nicaraguan strategic victory
Flag of Nicaragua (1839-1858).svg Nicaragua Flag of Nicaragua (Government of William Walker).png Filibusters
Commanders and leaders
José Dolores Estrada Byron Cole
160 300
Casualties and losses
28 between dead and injures 27 dead plus other casualties
35 dead and 18 prisoners

The Battle of San Jacinto took place on September 14 of 1856 in Hacienda San Jacinto, Managua, Nicaragua—between 160 soldiers of the Legitimist Septemtrion Army led by Colonel José Dolores Estrada versus 300 Nicaraguan filibusters of William Walker led by Lieutenant Colonel Byron Cole. The filibusters were defeated by Estrada after 4 hours of combat between 7 am and 11 am.

The casualties of the filibusters were 27 dead plus injured (according to Estrada), or 35 dead and 18 prisoners (according to Lieutenant Alejandro Eva); the casualties of the Nicaraguans were 28 between dead and injured. The memorial of this battle is a national holiday in Nicaragua on September 14 of each year. It is considered an inflection point on the Nicaraguan National War