Battle of Sapienza

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This article is about the battle also known as the Battle of Porto-Longo. For the 1499 battle between the Venetians and the Ottomans, see Battle of Zonchio.

The naval Battle of Sapienza, also known as the Battle of Porto-Longo or Battle of Zonklon, took place on 4 November 1354, during the Third Venetian–Genoese War.

The Genoese fleet under Paganino Doria captured the Venetian fleet under Niccolò Pisani of 35 galleys and made 5,000 prisoners at the harbour of Sapienza or Porto Longo, between the fortresses of Modon (mod. Methoni) and Navarino or Zonklon (Pylos) in southern Greece.

Genoa and Venice signed a peace treaty on 1 June 1355.

Coordinates: 36°54′00″N 21°41′00″E / 36.9000°N 21.6833°E / 36.9000; 21.6833