Battle of Savra

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Battle of Savra
Part of the Ottoman wars in Europe
Date After April 1385
Location Saurian field, near Lushnjë
Result Decisive Ottoman victory[1]
Ottoman Empire Zeta
Commanders and leaders
Hayreddin Pasha Balša II 
Ivaniš Mrnjavčević 

The Battle of Savra (Serbian: Битка на Саурском пољу; "Battle on the Saurian field") was fought on 18 September 1385 between Ottoman and much smaller Zetan forces,[2] at the Savra field near Lushnjë (in modern-day southern Albania). In 1385 Balša II conquered Durazzo, presumably from Karlo Thopia. In a charter to Ragusa issued in April 1385, he called himself "Duke of Durazzo". He was not to enjoy his prize for long. That summer an Ottoman raiding party penetrated into the Adriatic and Ionian coast for the first time. Balša II rounded up one thousand men in Durazzo and, ignoring the advice of his nobles, headed out to take on the Ottoman raiders. Unsurprisingly, his small forces had little success and Balša II was killed. Since the Ottomans were victorious, most of the local Serbian and Albanian lords became vassals.[3]

This battle set foundation for centuries-long Ottoman presence in this part of the Balkans. Serbian historian Stojan Novaković emphasized that the battle's importance for these Serbian and Albanian lords was comparable to that of the Battle of Marica and Battle of Kosovo together.[4]


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Coordinates: 40°54′N 19°41′E / 40.900°N 19.683°E / 40.900; 19.683