Battle of Sezawa

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Battle of Sezawa
Part of the Sengoku period
Date 9 March 1542
Location Sezawa, Shinano Province
Result Takeda victory
forces of Takeda Shingen combined forces of Shinano daimyō
Commanders and leaders
Takeda Shingen Ogasawara Nagatoki, Suwa Yorishige, Murakami Yoshikiyo, Kiso Yoshiyasu, Tozawa Yorichika
3,000 12,000
Casualties and losses
500 3,000

The Battle of Sezawa was one of many battles fought by Takeda Shingen in his bid to take control of Shinano Province during the Sengoku Period of Japan.

He was unsuccessfully opposed by the combined forces of Ogasawara Nagatoki, Suwa Yorishige, Murakami Yoshikiyo, and Kiso Yoshiyasu.[1]

They gathered a force of 12,000 Shinano warriors, but Shingen defeated them all, with just 3,000 men. The Shinano Forces suffered about 3000 casualties, while Shingen's forces suffered about 500 losses.


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