Battle of Shanggao

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Battle of Shanggao
Part of Second Sino-Japanese war
Shanggao bridge.jpg
Retaking a lost bridge.
Date14 March – 9 April 1941

Chinese victory[1]

  • Japanese offensive repelled[1]
 Republic of China  Empire of Japan
Commanders and leaders
Republic of China (1912–1949) Luo Zhuoying Empire of Japan Korechika Anami
Units involved
 National Revolutionary Army

 Imperial Japanese Army

  • Central China Area Army
Unknown 65,000 troops in 3 divisions and 1 independent regiment
40 armoured cars
150 planes[1]
Casualties and losses
20,533[1] Japanese claim: ~5,500[2]

Chinese claim:
16,000 killed[3]
6,000 wounded
Total: 22,000 killed and wounded[1]

The Battle of Shanggao (simplified Chinese: 上高会战; traditional Chinese: 上高會戰; pinyin: Shànggāo Huìzhàn), also called Operation Kinkō (Japanese: 錦江作戦), was one of the 22 major engagements between the National Revolutionary Army and Imperial Japanese Army during the Second Sino-Japanese War.


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Coordinates: 28°11′00″N 114°52′59″E / 28.1833°N 114.8830°E / 28.1833; 114.8830