Battle of Shinanah (1904)

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Battle of Shinanah
Part of Saudi–Rashidi War
Date 29 September 1904
Location Qassim region, Arabia
Result Emirate of Riyadh (Saudi) victory
Flag of the Emirate of Ha'il.svg Al Rashid Flag of the Second Saudi State.svg Emirate of Nejd and Hasa
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Emirate of Ha'il.svg Abdulaziz bin Mitab Flag of the Second Saudi State.svg Abdulaziz Ibn Saud
25,000 10,000
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

Battle of Shinanah was a major battle of the Saudi–Rashidi War, during the Unification of Saudi Arabia campaign, between Rashidi and Saudi rebels. It occurred on 29 September 1904, in town of Shinanah in Qassim region. After Ibn Saud victory in Battle of Bekeriyah, Ibn Saud planned to conquer the whole Qassim region. Ibn Rashid also planned to regain control on the region. The battle ended with Saudi victory, Ibn Saud gained thousands of the remains Turkish supplies in the town, Ibn Rashid and his Ottoman allies forced to move back to Rawdat Muhanna.