Battle of Siranaya

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Battle of Siranaya
DateMarch 1904
Siranaya, Southern Philippines
Result American victory
Late 19th Century Flag of Sulu.svg Moro  United States
Commanders and leaders
Late 19th Century Flag of Sulu.svg Datu Ali Leonard Wood
several thousand of Moro warriors 5 companies
artillery battery

The Battle of Siranaya was a battle fought between the Philippines and the United States during the Philippine-American War. Leonard Wood led a force against Datu Ali in the Cotabato Valley in retaliation for refusing to obey an antislavery law.[1]:110 Wood used a force of five companies and an artillery battery with a 3.2 inch piece to attack Ali's cotta and several thousand Moros.[1]:110–111 The cotta surrendered after two days of American shelling but not before Ali and most of his men fled.[1]:112

The Moros left behind 21 Spanish cannons and 72 Lantakas.[1]:112 Secretary of War William Taft criticized Wood afterwards for the excessive use of force and brutality.[1]:112


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