Battle of Spartolos

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Battle of Spartolos
Part of Peloponnesian War
Date 429 BC
Location Chalcidice
Result Athenian defeat
Athens Chalcidice,
Commanders and leaders
Xenophon Unknown
4,000 total 5,000 infantry, 400 cavalry
Casualties and losses
Over 430 nor more the 315

The Battle of Spartolos took place in 429 BC between Athens and the Chalkidian League and their allies, in the early part of the Peloponnesian War.

The Athenians under Xenophon marched into Thrace to attack Spartolos. They destroyed the crops outside the city and began negotiating with pro-Athenian factions in Chalcidice, but the anti-Athenian factions asked for help from Olynthus. An army from Chalcidice, Spartolos, and Olynthus met the Athenians in battle, but their hoplites were defeated and they retreated to Spartolos; their cavalry and peltasts (light infantry armed with javelins), however, gained the advantage over the Athenian troops. Reinforcements soon arrived from Olynthus, and they launched a second attack on the Athenians. The Athenian hoplites could not come to grips with the enemy light troops or horsemen. Eventually the Athenians panicked and were routed, with all of their generals and 430 other men killed.

In the Athenian tribute list of 429/8 BC the only cities of Chalcidice are: Mende, Aphytis, Scione, Stageira and Acanthus (Athos).[1] Acanthus and Mende had not even joined the Chalkidian League.



Coordinates: 40°17′00″N 23°17′43″E / 40.2832°N 23.2954°E / 40.2832; 23.2954