Battle of Stegeborg

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Battle of Stegeborg
Part of the War against Sigismund
DateSeptember 18, 1598
near Stegeborg Castle, Sweden
Result Union victory
Polish House of Vasa Coa.svg Polish–Swedish union Flag of Sweden.svg Swedish supporters of Duke Charles
Commanders and leaders
King Sigismund Duke Charles
4,000 men[1] 7,100 men[1]
Casualties and losses
30-40 killed[2] 300 killed[1][3]

The Battle of Stegeborg took place on a meadow near Stegeborg Castle, Sweden on September 18 (N.S.), or September 8 (O.S.), 1598.[4] It is part of the so-called War against Sigismund, in turn part of the Polish–Swedish Wars.

King of Poland and Sweden, Sigismund, tried to put down a rebellion by Duke Charles. The army of King Sigismund III Vasa and Prince Charles met the Stegeborg. Mercenaries king easily stopped of untrained troops the prince and Polish cavalry attack broke down and refused to strike causing panic, during which the enemy suffered heavy losses. Contrary to the opinion Zamoyski, the king decided to stop the attack (his goal was to acquire the Swedish crown and not extermination), allowing the withdrawal of Swedish troops. In the long run, this proved to be a mistake, as the Swedish rebels regained the initiative and defeated Sigismund at the battle of Stångebro. This effectively led to the end of the Polish–Swedish union.


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Coordinates: 58°26′3″N 16°35′54″E / 58.43417°N 16.59833°E / 58.43417; 16.59833