Battle of Napue

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Battle of Napue
Part of Great Northern War
Slaget vid Storkyro skiss.jpg
A sketch of the Battle
Date February 19, 1714 (O.S.)
March 2, 1714 (N.S.)
Location Isokyrö, Ostrobothnia, Swedish Empire (modern Finland)
Result Decisive Russian victory
Sweden Swedish Empire Russia Tsardom of Russia
Commanders and leaders
Carl Gustaf Armfeldt Mikhail Golitsyn
4,500 troops[1] 9,000 troops and 9 guns[1]
Casualties and losses
1,600 killed and 900 wounded or captured[1][2] 400 killed and 1,500 wounded[1][2]

The Battle of Napue (Finnish: Napuen taistelu, Swedish: Slaget vid Storkyro, Russian: Битва при Лапполе) was fought on February 19, 1714 (O.S.) / March 2, 1714 (N.S.) at the villages of Napue and Laurola in the Isokyrö parish of the Swedish Empire (modern Finland) between the Swedish Empire and the Tsardom of Russia. It was the final land battle of the Finnish campaign in the Great Northern War. The Swedish detachment, consisting almost entirely of Finnish troops, were defeated by the numerically superior Russian force. As a result, all of Finland fell under Russian military occupation for the rest of the War; a seven-year period of hardship known in Finland as the Great Wrath.[1][2]

The Kyrö Distillery Company named its Napue rye gin after the battle in 2014.[3]


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