Battle of Susa

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Battle of Susa
Part of the Assyrian conquest of Elam
Susa, sacked by the Assyrians. Ashurbanipal's brutal campaign against Susa in 647 BC is triumphantly recorded in this relief. Here, flames rise from the city as Assyrian soldiers topple it with pickaxes and crowbars and carry off the spoils.
Date647 BC

Decisive Assyrian victory;

  • Looting and total destruction of Susa
Assyria Elam
Commanders and leaders
King Assurbanipal [Data unknown/missing.]
Unknown Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Susa was a battle involving Assyrians and Elamites. The Assyrian king Ashurbanipal, had grown tired of the Elamites' attacks on the Mesopotamians, and he decided to destroy Susa as punishment.[1]

In 647 BC, the Assyrian king Ashurbanipal leveled the city during a war in which the people of Susa apparently participated on the other side. A tablet unearthed in 1854 by Austen Henry Layard in Nineveh reveals Ashurbanipal as an "avenger", seeking retribution for the humiliations the Elamites had inflicted on the Mesopotamians over the centuries. Ashurbanipal dictates Assyrian retribution after his successful siege of Susa:

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Coordinates: 32°11′21″N 48°15′28″E / 32.18922°N 48.25778°E / 32.18922; 48.25778